Report: DHS Transitioned 10 Cyber Tech Concepts to Marketplace in FY2017

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate commercialized, spun off and released 10 cybersecurity technologies to the marketplace in fiscal year 2017 through its Transition to Practice program.

DHS said Thursday it attributes the program’s progress to S&T’s growing capacity to determine and streamline the maturation of cybersecurity technologies needed in the public and private sectors.

TTP determines emerging cybersecurity technologies under development at federal laboratories, universities and federally funded research and development centers which can be funded through the lab-to-market program.

The agency puts the selected technologies through a structured transition process which involves pilot deployments, outreach, market validation, testing and evaluation before introducing the systems to potential developers, investors and integrators who can transition the technologies into commercially applicable products.

The program spun off a University of North Carolina-developed exploit detection and analytics tool into a startup company dubbed as ZeroPoint Dynamics and licensed Hyperion, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory-made malware forensics detection and software assurance tool, to Manassas, Virginia-based cybersecurity company Lenvio.

TTP also awarded the license of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory-designed Network FLOW AnalyzER software application to zSofTech Solutions and spun off the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory-built REnigma malware execution recording technology to Deterministic Security.

IP Group licensed three PNNL-made algorithms and industrial control systems including MLSTONES, Digital Ants and SerialTap.

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute developed the Policy Enforcement and Access Control for End-points network connection protection platform which ContexSure Networks spun off.

Nadia Carlsten, program manager of the TTP, said the program is in a position to continue its growth and ride the momentum throughout 2018.

S&T also released two TTP technologies as open-source for the developer community and organizations that seek to use it including the Los Alamos National Laboratory-built search-optimized packet capture system called PcapDB and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-made Keylime cloud computing security tool.

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