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Navy Completes Yearly Missile Exercise With USS Iwo Jima

The U.S. Navy has performed an exercise with the USS Iwo Jima firing a rolling airframe missile against an unmanned missile drone.

The test was done as part of USS Iwo Jima’s yearly tradition of sensor and missile maintenance checks for the ship’s self-defense system, the Navy said Tuesday.

Under the yearly tradition, the amphibious assault ship’s crew also performs maintenance for gears and motors to ensure that USS Iwo Jima’s physical integrity is not compromised due to daily exposure to sun and salt water.

Capt. Joseph O’Brien, the ship’s commanding officer, led the exercise that took place off Virginia’s coast.

“That’s everything from scenario trainings throughout the entire year in the combat information center to a plethora of maintenance hours to include daily operability tests, bi-weekly checks, and monthly checks to ensure that the RAM launchers are performing at their best condition,” said Fire Controlman 2nd Class Damian Blackwell.

USS Iwo Jima’s CIC holds the responsibility of ensuring that the RAMs accurately track targets.

The ship is used to aid maritime security efforts in cooperation with European and Middle Eastern forces, and will join other naval vessels to compose the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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