DISA to Update Optical Transport Platform of Defense Information Systems Network

The Defense Information Systems Agency will update the Defense Information Systems Network ‘s current packet-optical transport platform that provides a capacity of 10 gigabytes per second in aims to address growing bandwidth demands.

DISA said Wednesday the Next Generation Optical Transport network upgrade project is intended to provide bandwidths with capacities of 100 gigabytes per second to the Joint Information Environment, Enterprise Data Centers and Joint Regional Security Stack locations.

Johnathan Bunting, chief of global projects at DISA’s Infrastructure Directorate, said network infrastructure outages from single-event occurrences will be reduced and access to DoD applications and services will be enhanced through the implementation of multiple diverse paths.

Updates include additional fiber paths and optical equipment.

The effort is meant to enhance encryption and the resiliency of service delivery nodes and the infrastructure and to migrate critical legacy components to an ethernet platform that employs internet protocol.

The Next Generation Optical Transport will help combatant commands with missions that include cybersecurity; mobility; missile warning; command and control; communications; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and space control.

DISA will support DoD’s efforts to provide an international infrastructure, implement and mature JIE initiatives and modify the department’s information network and the DISN through the update of the packet-optical transport system.

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