DOC and DHS Publish Report on Automated Cyberattack Threat Mitigation

The Commerce Department and the Department of Homeland Security recently published a report about measures that can be taken to mitigate the threat posed by automated and distributed cyberattacks to the country’s internet and communications network. The report is pursuant to instructions from President Trump, which are detailed in Executive Order 13800, reported.

The report itemizes threat-mitigating actions that align to five complementary and mutually-reinforcing goals, which include identifying a pathway toward a technology marketplace that is adaptable, sustainable and secure; as well as promoting cyber infrastructure innovation that would make dynamic adaptation to evolving threats possible.

The report also recommends that the DOC and DHS design, in consultation with appropriate stakeholders, a road map ensuring that the actions that need to be taken are prioritized in accordance with the agenda of the Trump Administration.

Commenting on the report, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said, “Ensuring that our government and economy are safe from cyberattacks remains a top priority, and having clear information about these continuing threats will help us better prepare to keep Americans, and their information, safe from our adversaries.”

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