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Navy Tests USS Abraham Lincoln’s Combat Systems

The U.S. Navy has tested various defense platforms of Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln over a 13-day period.

The service branch said Thursday it conducted the Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trials from April 20 to May 2 to determine if Lincoln could operate the Enhanced NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System, rolling airframe missile launchers and close-in weapons systems.

CIWS is a 20-millimeter gatling gun that uses a forward-looking infrared camera designed to detect and attack targets.

The system fired at a towed drone unit during a simulated air defense drill and at a high-speed maneuvering seaborne target during a surface engagement drill.

RAM launchers, which are equipped with built-in sensors, fired a RIM-162D Sea Sparrow missile and a RIM-116 test unit during tests.

ENSSMS is a semi-active missile that requires directors to input a feed prior to locating a target.

The carrier re-entered service after it completed a half-life refueling and overhaul maintenance period last year.

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