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GAO Issues Report on AI Tech’s Benefits, Implications for Research, Policy

The Government Accountability Office released a technology assessment report in March that summarizes the outcomes of a forum on artificial intelligence held in July 2017 and cited the benefits of using AI in cybersecurity, automated vehicles, financial services and criminal justice sectors identified by event participants.

GAO said in a report published Tuesday that those benefits include improvements in productivity and economic outcomes; enhanced decision making; and capability to generate insights into complex problems.

Some of the challenges associated with AI adoption include barriers to data collection and sharing, lack of access to computing resources and human capital and adequacy of current regulations and laws.

Forum participants also identified AI technology’s implications for policy and research areas.

Participants cited incentivizing data sharing; improving safety and security; updating the regulatory approach; and assessing acceptable risks and ethical decision making; as implications for policy.

GAO said participants mentioned four implications for research and those are the establishment of regulatory sandboxes; development of labeled data; the need to understand the effect of AI on training and jobs; and exploration of computational ethics and explainable AI.

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