Marine Corps to Employ New SATCOM System for On-The-Move Communications

blankThe U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command seeks to use a new narrowband satellite communication system that builds on commercial cellphone technology to provide increased mobile communication access for marines.

USMC said Tuesday it will be the first service branch to widely employ the Mobile User Objective System, which works to operate with AN/PRC-117G radios used by marines for the past six years.

The system is mainly intended to provide on-the-move communications access for warfighters. It consists of space-based and ground-based components and a software-controlled radio terminal geared to operate on the MUOS-unique waveform.

The radios will receive new antenna kits for three different operational configurations and firmware updates to accommodate the MUOS waveform.

The three additional antenna kits will include a directional antenna with emphasis on data performance at halt; a dismounted antenna designed to provide voice and data access for moving users; and a vehicular kit that augments the radios to accommodate MUOS.

MUOS will enter its initial fielding stage in the final quarter of 2018 and is expected to achieve operational status in early 2019.

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