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NIST Adds Drone Forensics Resources on Website

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has added new images for drone investigation uses in Computer Forensic Reference Datasets.

The agency said Tuesday it added a new drone-dedicated CFReDS section that contains visual evidence and guides on a number of popular drone models that may be used for criminal activity.

“The drone images will allow investigators to do a dry run before working on high-profile cases,” said Barbara Guttman, manager of digital forensic research at NIST.

Colorado-based digital forensics firm VTO Labs developed the images under a contract with the Department of Homeland Security.

“The forensic images contain all the ones and zeroes we recovered from each model,” said Steve Watson, chief technology officer at VTO.

The company constructed the images based on industry standard data formats and included step-by-step photo-illustrated teardown instructions with each visual.

Watson uncovered serial numbers, flight paths, launch and landing locations, photos, videos and even credit card information during tests.

The images function to help forensics practitioners in recovering data, university laboratories in training and testing efforts and software developers in evaluating applications.

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