Suzette Kent: Automation, Data Analysts Could Help Federal Govt Meet Data Cross-Agency Priority Goal

Suzette Kent

Suzette Kent, federal chief information officer, has said federal agencies need automation tools to quickly process large amounts of data and meet the data cross-agency priority goal of the President’s Management Agenda, Federal News Radio reported Thursday.

“But using technology, and with the right discipline around data, we can process that in seconds. But it has to be structured, and we have to understand it,” Kent said Wednesday at a Data Coalition event in Washington, D.C.

Kent noted that the data CAP goal establishes benchmarks to build up cyber standards and will drive agencies to implement a security framework that is focused on data protection while ensuring data transparency and privacy.

The CAP goal also calls for agencies to hire more data analysts in addition to cyber professionals.

“We have to evolve roles for data scientists, data labelers, model builders, deep learning development, inquiry designers,” Kent said.

“As we move down this path that’s wholly data-driven, we need different types of capabilities in our workforce,” she added.

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