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ULA’s Kelly Garehime Testifies Before House Subcommittee on Space Launch Regulatory Reform

Kelly Garehime, associate general counsel of regulatory affairs at United Launch Alliance, has said ULA believes the Federal Aviation Administration should re-engage with the aviation rulemaking committee in developing new launch licensing regulations in order to ensure public safety during space launches.

“The Streamlined Launch and Reentry Licensing ARC was conducted on an incredibly short timeline of just a few weeks and is no longer able to interface formally with the FAA to provide comments and feedback as the FAA develops proposed rules,” Garehime said Tuesday at a hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s aviation subpanel.

“The FAA is working under a tight deadline to propose new regulations by early next year, and we fear that in this rush to produce a product, the FAA will forgo the inputs of the rushed ARC and rely heavily on inputs provided by a select group of new and aspiring launch companies that the FAA has been meeting with in private regarding new launch regulations for more than a year,” she added.

Garehime also mentioned the BoeingLockheed Martin joint venture’s recommendations to reform the launch licensing process and one is to reduce the number of requirements for mission compliance following the issuance of a license through the adoption of a performance-based approach.

She told lawmakers that ULA also calls for the government to consolidate requirements among agencies that are involved in regulating launch sites.

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