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IARPA Announces Competition to Craft Credibility Assessment Standardization Technique Tools

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will hold a webinar on July 31 to provide details on its potential $100,000 contest to conceptualize tools for the evaluation of current and future credibility assessment systems and approaches.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence said Tuesday the web-based Participant’s Day will cover the rules and targets of the Credibility Assessment System Evaluation challenge that will be open to contestants both within and outside the country.

Alexis Jeannotte, a program manager at IARPA, said the intelligence community requires standardized procedures for the evaluation of new and existing in-person credibility assessment tools and techniques to help update current systems.

Credibility assessment systems such as the polygraph are used daily for recruitment screening, employee investigations, and witness and source interviews, Jeannotte mentioned.

The CASE challenge is meant to produce modern methods for the validation of the accuracy, efficacy and reliability of technologies and techniques for credibility assessment.

The ODNI plans to launch the non-contractual competition in September.

Participants selected for accurate and complete evaluation tools or methods will be announced by spring of 2019.

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