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Trump Administration Supports Bill to Prevent UAS Threats

The Trump administration has expressed support for a Senate bill that would authorize the departments of Homeland Security and Justice to develop, test and deploy technology aimed at countering unmanned aircraft systems that pose safety risks to the public.

The Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018 also proposes measures to further commercial drone market development, protect privacy and civil liberties and increase the safety of national airspace operations, the White House said Tuesday.

Current law prohibits the federal government from using detection, tracking and mitigation platforms designed to thwart drone threats.

The White House calls for the creation of a legal framework meant to safeguard people from those who use UAS for nefarious purposes such as terrorism, espionage, illicit surveillance, illegal aircraft and law enforcement interference, contraband delivery in prisons or the smuggling of drugs and other harmful materials along U.S. borders.

The administration is willing to work with Congress to address the legislation’s objectives.

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