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Army to Update Enterprise Cloud Strategy; Thomas Sasala Comments

Thomas Sasala

The U.S. Army is working to update its enterprise cloud strategy to keep up with technology trends and innovations in the private sector, C4ISRNET reported Wednesday.

Thomas Sasala, director of the Army’s Architecture Integration Center and chief data officer for the Chief Information Officer/G-6 office, said the military service aims to adopt a hybrid cloud environment to address various requirements.

Sasala added the branch will use money saved for cloud and shared computers to expand IT operations and help operators and administrators return to their original work instead of patching other responsibilities.

The Army seeks to retain its legacy cloud computing environment as it has unreleased services it currently does not want to get rid of.

Some industry officials have recommended the branch to adopt an enterprise computing environment that will work to simplify application hosting and delivery of IT resources, as well as hosts mission systems and offerings accessible to enterprise and forward-deployed users.

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