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Report: US Military Seeks to Modernize Intell Database, Processes

Defense officials at the 2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference have said the U.S. military is set to leverage a new data analytics system that will help modernize intelligence databases and accelerate data processing operations, C4ISRNET reported Thursday.

The Machine-Assisted Analysis Rapid-Repository System or MARS will succeed the Modernize Intelligence Database, which has been collecting intelligence data for the defense intelligence enterprise over the past 20 years.

Jack Gumtow, chief information officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, stated that MARS will help streamline data analysis processes, identify static and mobile military forces and advancements in adversary technology and boost collaboration with the private sector.

The new platform will also house data in a cloud environment and work to meet the needs of specific analysts and missions, according to MARS Program Manager Terry Busch.

Busch noted that MARS is in its early stages and that Congress still needs to approve the system before DIA moves forward with the development program.

DIA is currently seeking industry feedback on the new data analytics system based on a prototype that the agency developed.

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