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DISA’s Mission Assurance Branch Helps DoD Mitigate Risks to C4I Assets; Fred Ruonavar Quoted

Fred Ruonavar

Fred Ruonavar, mission assurance and critical infrastructure protection branch chief at the Defense Information Systems Agency, has said DISA’s mission assurance branch works to evaluate the Defense Department’s operational and contingency plans through the adoption of an aggressive approach.

“Mission assurance is critical,” Ruonavar said in a statement published Wednesday.

“We have to determine what the DOD is able to do, determine appropriate support plans, determine where information falls in the three-phase process and determine what assets are required,” he added.

The mission assurance branch teams up with combatant commands and implements a synchronized approach to examine critical asset requirements and help DoD address risks to its command, control, communications, computers and intelligence systems, including the Defense Information Systems Network.

Ruonavar cited the importance of mission assurance planning to service personnel deployment and how the branch provides a view of the Pentagon’s mission assurance strategy through courses on critical information infrastructure protection.

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