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DoD, NASA, GSA Seek Feedback on Standard Collection of Voluntary Contracting Comments

The Defense Department, NASA and the General Services Administration seek comments on a proposal to establish a standard method for collecting voluntary feedback from government contractors regarding contracts and solicitations.

In Federal Register notice posted July 26, all three agencies noted that voluntary comments on industry standards, alternative regulatory approaches and legal definitions for other areas of deals, among other things, would provide more substance in modifying the contracting process.

DoD, GSA and NASA also proposed a language under federal acquisition rules to encourage contracting officers to collect vendor feedback on the pre-award acquisition process and debriefings.

Another proposal invites government acquisition officials to open their contracting performance for assessment.

The comment period is open until Sept. 21.

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy originally established a standard survey in 2015 for vendor feedback on pre-award and debriefing processes for solicitations.

The initial guidance encouraged interested offerors to provide insights on issuing solicitations that cover various requirements.

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