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Intelligence Community to Adopt New IT Practices in Second Modernization Era

John Sherman

John Sherman, chief information officer of the Intelligence Community, said the IC will implement new information technology practices as it enters the second modernization era to boost coordination across several federal agencies, C4ISRNET reported Wednesday.

Sherman noted during the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference that the new IT effort will help the U.S. keep pace with advancements over the next 10 years.

The modernization initiative will include developing new systems to meet user needs and boost the productivity of workers, as well as modifying the flexibility of the desktop environment for various architectures and standards.

Sherman stated that the Collaboration Reference Architecture will still help standardize services that agencies can deploy for their operational needs.

The second wave of IT modernization will also focus on maintaining a secret classification sphere, upgrading cybersecurity systems and forming collaborations.

Sherman added that he expects the effort to solidify a partnership with the Defense Department and the defense intelligence enterprise.

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