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PSC Cites GovCon Provisions in FY 2019 NDAA; David Berteau Quoted

The Professional Services Council has commended the House and Senate Armed Services Committees for finalizing and passing a defense spending bill for fiscal 2019.

President Donald Trump signed Monday the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 that would authorize $717 billion in FY 2019 defense budget.

“The final conference report recognizes the critical role that contractors play in the Defense Department’s mission success, and when implemented, many provisions will help ensure that the federal government purchases services in an effective and efficient manner,” David Berteau, PSC president and CEO, said in a statement published Aug. 13.

Those provisions include limitations on the use of “lowest-price technically-acceptable” factors for some information technology and professional services; establishment of a standard definition of the procurement administrative lead time; and restoration of prompt payments to small businesses that support DoD as subcontractors.

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