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Energy Department to Perform 36 Bioenergy R&D Projects With $80M Budget

The Department of Energy has chosen 36 projects worth a combined value of $80M to support a research and development program that aims to reduce the cost of bio-based drop-in fuels by 2022.

The department said Tuesday it expects the bioenergy effort to allow consumers to choose from a range of low-cost transportation energy resources.

“Developing all of our domestic energy resources is critical to keeping our nation prosperous and secure,” said Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

Sixteen of the projects will focus on fostering catalysts and new biological systems, identifying ways to leverage waste streams and developing co-products for biofuel production, in an effort to reduce the cost of fuels from biomass and waste feedstocks.

The DOE added that 10 selections will study integration processes for biopower production, while seven will boost the uptake and conversion of carbon dioxide emissions to maximize carbon utilization and the productivity of algae systems.

Lastly, three initiatives will examine affordable and sustainable non-food dedicated energy crops that can be used as feedstocks to produce of biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower.

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