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Eric Chewning: US, Allies Must Work to Safeguard Defense Industrial Base

Eric Chewning, deputy assistant secretary for industrial policy at the Defense Department, has said that DoD must collaborate with U.S. allies to establish a "safe space" for cooperation across the worldwide industrial base for military technology platforms and services, Defense News reported Thursday.

"As China articulates a civil-military fusion doctrine where they are intentionally blurring the lines between their developments on the military side, we need to work with our allies to create a safe space where we can work collaboratively to do that," Chewning told audience at a Defense News-hosted conference held Wednesday.

The report noted DoD's acquisition and sustainment organization has bilateral ties with 35 countries on industrial partnerships.

Chewning urged the department to expand the reach of national technological and industrial pilot programs with partner nations by including Australia and the U.K., and opening up cooperative opportunities for countries outside of the core group such as Israel.

He made the remarks as the Pentagon works to complete a long-awaited report on the status of the country's defense supply chain.

Raanan Horowitz, CEO of Elbit Systems' U.S. arm, told Defense News the use of modern technology such as blockchain can help protect supply chain operations.

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