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Trump Issues Executive Order to Deter Foreign Election Interference

President Donald Trump has released an executive order that aims to protect U.S. elections from potential foreign interference.

A White House fact sheet published Wednesday says the executive order would authorize sanctions and other measures against foreign individuals found to have engaged in election interference.

Possible sanctions include prohibitions to bar financial transactions with individuals involved in election intrusions, export license restrictions and exclusion of an individual’s alien corporate and principal executive officers from the U.S.

The policy would direct the administration to work with local and state officials to create a process that would help determine if an intrusion occurs and would require the generation of interagency reports of interferences after every federal election.

The fact sheet cited the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Director of National Intelligence, Justice Department and other federal agencies to ensure the security of U.S. elections.

Those include the plan of DOJ and FBI to conduct an election day watch to track election-related activities and the inaugural National Election Cybersecurity Table Top Exercise that DHS hosted in August.

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