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Brian Sadler: Army Aims to Accelerate Innovations in Autonomy Through AI

Brian Sadler, a senior scientist for intelligent systems at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, has said the service is working on leveraging artificial intelligence to resolve some of its technological issues, National Defense Magazine reported Monday.

Sadler said in an interview that the Army aims to leverage AI to tap into autonomy, which has been difficult due to the service’s lack of proper equipment, networks and data. He added that operating in a complex environment on the ground also hinders the Army from employing robotic and autonomous technologies.


The service hopes to use AI to access and manage various technologies to keep up with adversaries.

Sadler also noted that the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command’s AI strategy, first unveiled in July, has helped accelerate investment in adversarial intelligent systems.

He added that more still needs to be done to fill research gaps in physical reasoning to further enable robots to perform mobile tasks such as opening a door or moving a trash can.

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