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Department of the Navy Issues 2019-2021 Business Operations Strategy

The Department of the Navy has released its latest business operation strategy to serve as a guideline for the implementation of its business reform agenda. 

The business operations plan for fiscal years 2019-2021 will develop a long-term mission that seeks to make a shift in function from oversight to leadership and take the lead role in recruiting, training and equipping U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel, the department said Wednesday.

The plan aims to adhere to the tenets of the National Defense Strategy which include creating a more lethal force; boosting relationships with alliances and fostering new ones with other partners; and reorganizing the department's business practices.

It also ascribes to the objectives outlined in the Fiscal Year 2018-2022 National Defense Business Operations Plan, which include renewing military readiness; investing in recapitalization, innovation and modernization strategies; boosting information technology and cybersecurity technologies; selecting appropriate counterintelligence, intelligence and security support contractors for Defense Department operations; beefing up recruitment strategies; streamlining administrative and regulatory processes; and conducting regular performance audits.


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