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Heather Wilson: Air Force to Boost Readiness Capability of 204 Squadrons by 2020

U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson has said the service aims to increase the readiness capability of 204 of 312 operational squadrons to 80 percent by 2020, Defense News reported Friday.

Wilson noted at the Airlift/Tanker Association’s annual symposium that the selected units are more capable of facing the “high-end fight” while the remaining 108 will possibly reach their readiness capability target by 2023.

The second batch of mission capable squadrons will possibly include operators of the Air Force’s fleet of fourth- and fifth-generation fighter and bomber aircraft and command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Wilson added that the service is boosting its mission capability rate to eliminate the mindset that low readiness is acceptable due to budget constraints.

“Years of shortages of parts and budgets that were inadequate, I think have made us a little bit accepting, perhaps too accepting and complacent," she noted.

The Air Force official also stressed that there is a need for the service to change its mindset on readiness as maintenance funds increase.

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