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Lead HHS Cyber Auditor Says Team ‘Well Aligned’ to Face Challenges

The head of cybersecurity at the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of the Inspector General recently said that he and his team are learning as much as they can about supply chain threats and application development security, to respond to such issues effectively, Federal News Network reported Friday.

Jarvis Rodgers, HHS OIG Cybersecurity and IT Audit Division director, told Federal News Network via email that his unit is aware that risks related to global supply chains “present a unique set of challenges” and that poorly written code can result in costly and persistent security vulnerabilities.

Rodgers also pointed out that even though members are located at different parts of the country, the team nevertheless seeks to promote a culture characterized by “accountability and ownership.” He said his team members understand that “they have a significant role in the cybersecurity of HHS.”

Expressing confidence in the people under him, Rodgers commented, “We feel we are well aligned to take on the challenges of the future.”

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