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Marianne Kramer: Agencies Need to Control Their Cloud Transition Processes

Marianne Kramer, chief of technology transition at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, has said organizations need to obligate “substantial” planning and sufficient lead time to modernize their data centers, Federal News Radio reported Tuesday.

Kramer said during an FCW-hosted webcast that IARPA is struggling to demonstrate how its research and development efforts can help migrate intelligence organizations to the cloud with minimal disruption.

She explained that differences between development and operations environments hinder agencies from trusting IARPA’s R&D initiative.


“Security becomes a barrier to accepting new technology because individuals with accrediting systems, they have certain expectations and modern virtual systems can satisfy a lot of these steps automatically, and it sort of obviates the need for dozens of steps in part of their role,” the IARPA official said.

Additionally, Kramer recommended that agencies adopt proactive approaches such as securing funding first, then organizing the systems that need to be transferred to a cloud network to streamline their data center modernization process.

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