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Report: Army Plans to Test New Software for Vehicle-Based Command System

The U.S. Army is planning to test two new software products to determine their functionality as the service branch adopts a vehicle-based common mission command system, C4ISRNet reported Saturday.

Troy Cosby, project manager for mission command at program executive office, control-communications command, said the Mounted Computing Environment will leverage Frontline v2.0, which is similar to the Command Post Computing Environment software, and the Android Tactical Assault Kit, which is similar to the Nett Warrior.

The tools will undergo testing at the Network Integration Evaluation in October and November at Fort Bliss.

Crosby said the programs' manufacturers should be able to accumulate technical information and feedback from service personnel after the evaluation to make software adjustments.

MCE seeks to allow the development of on-the-move technologies.

MCE applications are designed to operate in seamless fashion with CP CE applications, in the same manner as how commercial software can operate in various channels such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

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