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DHS Calls on Industry to Help in Next-Gen First Responder Project

The Department of Homeland Security will host a series of integration demonstration events to collect information for the development of the agency's Next Generation First Responder program. 

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate said in a notice posted Tuesday on the Federal Register that the events would help improve technologies for emergency response. 

During integration testing, first responders will explore prototype technologies in a fictional scenario. DHS will then ask for feedback and evaluation to be used in knowledge products that it will distribute to other first responder organizations across the U.S.

Participants will share their feedback “on how the technology worked in the context of their emergency response to the scenario, including whether the technologies made them more effective, efficient or safe,” the DHS said. “The information collected during these events will help provide insight about how to improve technologies for first responders.” 

The agency scheduled Jan. 14 for the deadline to submit comments on the demonstrations.

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