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Security Experts Share Views on White House, DoD Cyber Strategies

Some cybersecurity experts have expressed their views on cyber strategies issued by the White House and the Defense Department in September, National Defense reported Thursday.

Daniel Charles, CEO and co-founder of Charles Bernard Ventures, said both strategies outline key initiatives, such as efforts to increase accountability among contractors and DoD’s move to prioritize partnerships with foreign allies to address future issues.

That “is something new that has been talked about quietly but hasn’t really ever come out in the light,” Charles, also a cybersecurity fellow at think tank New America, said of international collaboration.

Gary Shiffman, CEO of software firm Giant Oak, said budgetary changes and programmatic activities should follow the release of such strategies in order to effect change.

“At the national level, these kinds of high-level documents provide the top cover for the rest of government to follow in terms of … their future year planning and budgeting,” added Shiffman, a professor at Georgetown University.

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