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Air Force Creating Specialized Teams to Boost Servicewide Cybersecurity

The U.S. Air Force is establishing new specialized cyber teams to deter cyber-attacks targeting its installations across the U.S. and the service’s operations, Fifth Domain reported Thursday.

A top service official said the effort aims to “re-mission” information technology workers to handle active defensive roles as part of the new mission defense teams. Maj. Gen. Robert Skinner, commander of 24th Air Force/Air Forces Cyber, said each Air Force command has begun activating their teams, which will mainly help wings or smaller organizations in their cyber operations.

The Air Force also launched an “enterprise IT as a service” pilot encouraging private companies to conduct specific services commonly assigned to airmen to maintain the service branch’s IT infrastructure. Officials expect the program to enable service members to focus on cyber defense.

“Our core strategic theme is moving from IT focused delivery into mission defense teams,” said Bill Marion, deputy chief information officer of the Air Force.

Skinner said the Air Force also plans to provide cyber protection team training in the future.

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