Air Force Seeks Funding for Tyndall AFB Restoration Effort

The U.S. Air Force is calling on Congress to allocate supplemental funding to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida following the damage caused by Hurricane Michael in October, the military branch said Friday.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said the service is communicating with Congress to secure funding for restoration efforts which will support the installation of three F-35 Lightning II squadrons.

Wilson added the Air Force also recommends that Congress consolidates the F-22 Raptor squadrons in Alaska, Hawaii and Virginia which are currently displaced to Eglin AFB in Florida.

Congress' decision on base restoration funding could lead to the F-35 aircraft being headquartered at Tyndall AFB by 2023.

The recommendation only affects Tyndall AFB's fighter flying missions and will not result in significant changes to the base's testing, air operations center and civil engineering functions.

The service said it will determine where to install the F-22 tactical fighter jets through a formal procedure.

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