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DoD Sets Schedule to Deploy Unified Platform to Integrate Cyber Ops

The U.S. Cyber Command is set to deploy a Northrop Grumman-built, next generation cyber weapon system designed to serve as the Department of Defense’s single platform to plan and launch offensive and defensive cyber operations, Fifth Domain reported Thursday. Senior defense officials expect the CYBERCOM's Unified Platform to launch this spring. The system is designed to provide the infrastructure, information sharing, data analytics, mission planning and command tools to support the military’s cyber missions. 

Susan Thornton, a director for information dominance programs with the Air Force, said the project is “about three and a half years ahead of what it would have delivered under a more traditional acquisition approach.” 

Northrop built the Unified Platform under a $54M contract and is expected to deploy the system in March 2019. The Air Force utilizes rapid acquisition funds and prototyping to speed up the development and deployment of the platform. Thornton said additional services are also providing funding and helping the Air Force and CYBERCOM explore how the system can help the entire defense community. 

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