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Rory Kinney: DoD to Consolidate Networks of ‘Fourth Estate’ Agencies

Rory Kinney, acting deputy chief information officer for information enterprise at the Department of Defense, has said DoD plans to reduce the number of networks run by “fourth estate” agencies to a single secret network and one unclassified network, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

The fourth estate includes 28 Pentagon agencies, which are not part of the service branches and run on 34 various networks.

“The intent is to drive the fourth estate to a standardized solution set as a representative of the rest of the environment,” Kinney said Tuesday at the AFCEA Air Force IT Day in McLean, Va.

He said the standardization will cover computing, licensing, support and networking and that DoD plans to tap a single service provider to manage a consolidated help desk.

Kinney also mentioned how DoD intends to integrate the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud with other data storage platforms.

“Our intent is to migrate as much as we can to a cloud environment and then regionalize those data centers,” he noted.

“Maybe we only have 50 regional data centers across the department to support those folks that need to have a data center, a lot of legacy stuff.”

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