Army to Roll Out Air Defense That Integrates C2, Sensors, Missiles

The U.S. Army’s assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology has said that the service will soon deploy an air defense system that can address increasingly complex airborne threats, Military .com reported Friday.

Bruce Jette said during a Defense Writers Group meeting on Jan. 10 that, by "next December," the service expects to roll out the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, which Northrop Grumman developed.

Jette explained that the system will make it possible to integrate command-and-control mechanisms, sensors and different types of missiles, allowing warfighters to respond to various types of airborne threats, such as drones, ballistic missiles, artillery and combat aircraft.

The Army official added that, down the road, the service intends to augment air defense with artificial intelligence.

Jette noted that AI would enable warfighters to respond to threats at greater speed.

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