Dave Mihelcic on Shutdown’s Impact on Government’s Tech Recruitment Efforts, Image

Dave Mihelcic, federal chief technology and strategy officer at Juniper Networks, has said the government shutdown could push potential new hires, technologists and other highly skilled employees to seek employment outside the federal government, Nextgov reported Friday.

“If this shutdown goes for much longer, you could see some of those best, most employable [people] fleeing,” he told Nextgov.

DHS’ homeland security management directorate has put approximately 90 percent of employees in furlough during the shutdown, which Mihelcic said comes during the “prime hiring season” for soon-to-be and recent graduates.

He also noted about the shutdown’s possible impact on the government’s image, including those of agencies that continue to operate.

“There just will be a more negative perception of the stability and security and viability of a career in the federal government coming out of this shutdown,” said Mihelcic, former chief technology officer at the Defense Information Systems Agency.

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