DISA Continues Assisting DoD in Cloud Initiatives

At the Defense Information Systems Agency, senior officials said the agency continues to lead efforts across the Department of Defense utilize the cloud. In particular, those mandated by former Defense Secretary James Mattis, Federal News Network reported Monday.

DISA is working to deploy DoD’s MilCloud 2.0 platform, to put all Fourth Estate agencies and offices into one network and expand enterprise services.

“A lot of those initiatives are coming to DISA to execute,” said Dave Bennett, director of operations directorate and chief information officer at the agency. “DISA is going to be the center stage for all the cloud activities taking place across the department.”

Working on MilCloud 2.0, DISA is coordinating efforts with military services, defense agencies in the Fourth Estate and the intelligence community to identify applications that could run on the cloud hosting platform. Jason Martin, DISA director of Services Directorate Executive, said his agency is also helping DoD determine the readiness of applications to move to the cloud.

Terry Carpenter, director of the National Background Investigative System Directorate, said DISA intends to utilize its partnerships with the contractor community to help in DoD’s cloud efforts. Martin added that DISA is looking for developers from industry as the agency lacks experts capable of building apps or platforms. Roger Greenwell, DISA’s risk management executive and authorizing official, said automation could also help DoD in migrating its apps to the cloud, improve security and functionality.

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