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House Bets to End Govt Shutdown Without Border Wall Funding

House Democrats passed two bills this week in a bid to end the partial government shutdown without funding President Trump’s border wall, New York Post reported Thursday.

One bill would provide temporary budgeting to eight of the nine closed agencies until September, while another would fund the Department of Homeland Security until Feb. 8. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted the chamber will not support construction of Trump’s wall.

“We’re not doing a wall,” Pelosi said. “The fact is a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation.” Without the wall's funding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the upper chamber will not “waste its time” to pass the House proposal, CNBC reported Thursday

White House issued a statement on Thursday warning that Trump’s advisers would recommend that the president veto the Democratic bills. The president “cannot accept legislation that provides unnecessary funding for wasteful programs while ignoring the nation’s border security needs,” the White House said. Bipartisan congressional leaders expect to meet with White House officials on Friday to discuss Trump’s requested $5B funding for the border wall.

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