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IC Report Highlights Russia-China Alliance, Growing Threats to US

The U.S. intelligence community issued a new report warning the government of a strengthening alliance between Russia and China and the negative impacts on U.S. allies of previous policy changes by the Trump administration, CBS News reported Tuesday.


During a recent meeting with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, top intelligence officials presented the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment. The document warns that China and Russia appear more aligned than their relationship in mid-1950s and the two countries may strengthen their ties in the coming year. The IC report also states that some U.S. allies and partners are seeking independence due to recent changes to U.S. policies on security and trade.


National security threats may also increase as adversaries continue utilizing technological advances, with future U.S. elections still at risk of disruption. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats warned that despite a deal with President Trump, North Korea might retain its nuclear capabilities. CIA Director Gina Haspel said the Islamic State group also remains “dangerous” as it still holds "thousands" of fighters in Iraq and Syria.

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