Army Holds Electronic Warfare Exercise for 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team

The U.S. Army held a training exercise at Fort Bliss testing new electronic warfare systems and methodologies. The 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team's 2nd Infantry and 1st Armored divisions tried out the VROD Modular Adaptive Transmit, Sabre Fury and Raven Claw platforms to learn parts integration and discover the systems' capabilities, the military service said Wednesday.

Dequincy Bass, assistant product manager for electronic warfare planning management tool at the Army, said the teams reviewed the systems' capabilities and identified select signals for monitoring tests. Ryan Beach, an electronic warfare specialist  with the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, said the exercise intends to help brigade commanders in decision-making efforts and boost the military through non-lethal capabilities.

The Sabre Fury and VMAX systems are working to transmit messages and information to the Raven Claw tool, which processes the received data to help warfighters in electronic warfare management and planning.

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