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DARPA Looking to Use Emerging Tech for Treating Combat Wounds

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency launched the Bioelectronics for Tissue Regeneration program to deploy emerging technology into treating combat wounds, DARPA said Wednesday. The four-year effort seeks researchers capable of using artificial intelligence, biosensors and actuators to develop a solution for stimulating real-time healing processes, accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

DARPA expects to produce a closed-loop and adaptive system using sensors that analyze the wound’s healing state, biological actuators that transmit signals to catalyze healing and adaptive learning methods that can process information and determine the proper course of action. Additionally, the agency encourages researchers to develop a way of influencing healing after osseointegration surgery, which is often done to support the installment of prosthetics into wounded servicemen. 

DARPA will hold a Proposer’s Day to discuss the program on March 1 in Arlington, Va.

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