DoD Unveiling First AI Strategy for Military Use

Senior defense officials announced the Pentagon is set to release its first artificial intelligence strategy to guide service branches and commands in regard to how they design and develop AI-based tools based on their needs, Defense One reported Tuesday.

An unnamed official familiar with the strategy said the document will focus on the immediate operational applications of AI in military operations. The strategy will also help the Department of Defense coordinate efforts with the private sector to build an AI-ready workforce. The official cited Google’s Machine Learning Ninja camp and other companies’ open online courses as some of the programs DoD reviews to train people to use the technology. 

“Here again we’re looking to those companies that either succeeded in systematically transforming their workforce industry,” the official said.

However, the AI strategy will not change how the military uses autonomous systems in combat. The official noted the document will follow a 2012 directive requiring DoD to always assign human operators to oversee an autonomous weapon’s actions.

“When you translate the tech into impact in operations, you have to think more seriously about ethics and safety,” the official said.

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