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NASA Carrying Out Space Weather Experiment Mission on ISS

NASA intends to execute a mission to assist scientists in the forecast and research Earth's space weather systems. The Atmospheric Waves Experiment initiative seeks to study atmospheric airglows to confirm the mixture of forces that are contributing to space climate in the upper atmosphere, the agency said Tuesday. Researchers have also noted that the Earth's climate and the Sun's outflow of ultraviolet light particles potentially affect space weather conditions.

The mission, which is a part of the Heliophysics Explorers Program, has a funding of $42M and is scheduled to take place aboard the International Space Station in August 2022. The agency has also awarded a seven-month, $100,000 formulation study for a CubeSate experiment aiming to investigate solar particle storms.

The Heliophysics Explorers Program has assisted in over 90 missions and was created to allow low-cost space access through space science investigations in heliophysics and astrophysics.

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