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NNSA Manufactures Initial Low-Yield Nuclear Warhead Unit

The Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration concluded the production of a U.S. Navy low-yield nuclear warhead missile. The NNSA said Monday that it has manufactured the first production unit for the W76-2 warhead at DOE's Pantex Plant facility in Texas. The W76-2 is an updated variant of the W76-1 platform and provides submarine vessels with sea-launched ballistic missile warhead capacities.

“The W76-2 will allow for tailored deterrence in the face of evolving threats,” said Charles Verdon, deputy administrator for defense programs at NNSA.

NNSA intends to meet the initial operational quantity for the missile prior to the scheduled delivery to the Navy at the end of fiscal year 2019. The warhead's production is a part of NNSA's efforts supporting President Trump's national security initiative.

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