Vice Adm. Thomas Moore: Navy Won’t Revive Inactive Vessels to Reach 355-Ship Goal

Vice Adm. Thomas Moore, head of Naval Sea Systems Command, said the U.S. Navy won't restore inactive destroyers, frigates and other combat vessels to meet the planned 355-ship fleet, the Military website reported Wednesday. He told reporters on Tuesday that the decision was based on a review conducted by service leaders of the Navy’s list of decommissioned vessels stored at ship maintenance facilities in Philadelphia; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Bremerton, Wash.

"I was just up in Philadelphia on Friday, and we concluded that the cost of bringing them back was pretty expensive. But more importantly, the capability of the platform itself just didn't lend itself well," Moore said. "With all the ships that we have, if you're willing to do the maintenance on them, you can keep them a little longer."


Moore added that the Navy plans to extend the service lives of its current ships to meet the target 355-ship size by early 2030's.

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