Army Requesting $190B for FY 2020 to Address Modernization Priorities

The U.S. Army's $190B budget request for fiscal year 2020 will include $21.8B for acquisition and $12.2B for research, development, test and evaluation, Defense News reported Sunday.

A Department of Defense official told the publication that the request represents an $8B increase from the 2018 budget and includes $120B in base funding and $31B for overseas contingency operations-for-base funds. The Army also seeks and additional $30B for traditional overseas contingency funding and $10B for emergency funds.

The service branch realigned $31B from terminated programs and cut $200M in acquisition funding to focus on prototype efforts instead of purchasing new technologies.

According to the defense official, the Army aims to achieve modernization goals by 2028 and will conduct force structure assessments to implement significant changes across the service. The Army’s budget request will be included in the $718B request that the Pentagon will submit to Congress next week.

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