DISA Wants Mission Partners to Advance ‘App Rationalization’ for Cloud; John Hale Quoted

The Defense Information Systems Agency is encouraging mission partners to pursue “app rationalization” by rebuilding or customizing applications to leverage the benefits of operating in the cloud, Federal News Network reported Friday. John Hale, chief of cloud services at DISA, said such a move could help agencies realize cost savings from cloud adoption.

“If you lift and shift, if you move what you have in a legacy environment and you move it to the cloud, you’re going to be disappointed,” Hale said Thursday at an AFCEA event held in Arlington, Va. “You’re not going to see those cost savings that the vendors promised you."

Hale noted that mission partners are transitioning their staff to mission-critical operations and are planning to move beyond “commodity IT.”

"The return on investment in infrastructure-as-a-service isn’t as high as what I think agencies and organizations want it to be,” Hale said. “Where we see the biggest bang for the buck for mission partners has really been about software-as-a-service.”

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