Marine Corps to Decide on Testing, Fielding Counter-Drone System by December

The U.S. Marine Corps wants to make a decision on testing and fielding its anti-drone Marine Air Defense Integrated System by the end of the year, USNI News reported Monday.

MADIS is a platform designed to detect and neutralize drones from adversaries by integrating radars, optics, jammers and passive detection sensors. The system is set to have a “kinetic kill option” potentially through the installation of a small drone intended to combat other small drones. The Marine Corps is considering a version of MADIS capable of integrating with joint light tactical vehicles to provide mobile anti-drone defense.

Don Kelley, a program manager working under USMC’s program executive office for land systems, said the service’s “systems-of-systems” approach for MADIS will accelerate testing operations by incorporating the previous evaluation of its components. The strategy will let the PEO develop multiple MADIS variants to handle threats that will emerge over time.

The program office is working with the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense testing community to accelerate assessment activities for MADIS.

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