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NSA’s Marianne Bailey: Agency Collecting Data to Protect Industry Privacy

In light of revelations about aggressive intelligence gathering, the National Security Agency has been collecting data only within its authority, and its current initiatives focus on protecting private information of industry from foreign threats, PCMag reported Thursday.

Marianne Bailey, deputy national manager for national security systems at the NSA, spoke during at the RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, Calif. She said the agency is monitoring Russia, China, Iran and North Korea for potential interference.

NSA is working with other agencies, including FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, to improve oversight of the country’s security and to train personnel in protecting the public and industry.

“We support the other agencies within their authorities,” Bailey said. “Now our adversaries look at every single avenue” to attack the U.S. in cyberspace.

Regarding private information, she said the NSA will “only collect data within our authority.” The Department of Defense is also working on new policies to secure networks and to protect the defense industrial base.

“The DoD spent a lot of money securing networks, so the adversaries step to the next level, big industry," Bailey said. "We started putting policies in place there."

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