Report: US Postal Service Made $16B Contract Deals in FY18

The U.S. Postal Service completed $15.9B in contracts in fiscal year 2018, representing the agency’s largest commercial spending period since 2016, Bloomberg Government reported Friday. The figure was nearly $1B higher than the $15B record set in 2017. Spending data was drawn from Bloomberg Government’s latest data on the USPS Contracts Dashboard.

Most contracts issued in the past fiscal year went to air and highway transportation vendors, which combined for $7B or 45 percent of USPS contract spending. The remaining deals were shared by technology and professional services contractors.

Highway transportation received the highest investment from USPS with $4.3B in contract obligations during 2018, a 12 percent increase since fiscal 2016. The market currently has an estimated 9,000 competing vendors.

USPS also continued to invest in outsourced professional services and suppliers to maintain its vast vehicle fleet, property inventory and customer support operations. US Bank, EnergyUnited Service Corp., Wheeler Brothers and Victory Packaging are among the top contractors in the area. Northrop Grumman and Accenture awards in the past year were valued at $753M of USPS spending on information technology in 2018.

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