Trump Administration Seeks to Bolster Incentives for Top Federal Employees

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Following the launch of a federal initiative to provide workers with new skills in information technology, cyber security and law enforcement, the Trump administration is rethinking its compensation and performance management to help in workforce modernization, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

The administration plans to study benefits, rewards and recognition opportunities for employees, including pay, retirement, leave and work-life balance programs, said Margaret Weichert, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management and deputy director for management for the Office of Management and Budget.

The White House included the plan in its latest budget request to reward top performers in the government, an effort that follows the president’s management agenda.

The government is “rethinking how we articulate the need for performance-driven, total compensation rewards and recognition,” Weichert said. “We’re putting to field this investigation to help Congress understand how to think about pay as part of a broader, holistic strategy.”

Regulatory changes are also being considered to add incentives for agency managers. The administration wants to provide officials with more authority to reward top employees with bonuses that exceed a specified limit without seeking approval from OPM.